Cofftea Headquarters
Cofftea Headquarters

How it all started

Our story began in 1955. From humble beginnings as a merchant trading in different regions in Sudan to great success, Mr. Mohamed Salih Idris managed to enter the market and grow his business into one of the largest companies in the country. 

In 1984, Mr. Idris established his own company which fast became a household name nationwide. He gave it a name that reflected its core business: Tea and Coffee. But he didn’t just master the art of blending Tea and coffee, but also words. So, he named it COFFTEA.

Cofftea has now become a major distributor and packer of tea and coffee, supplying numerous sectors with a wide range of products.

Our extensive knowledge coupled with passion for the two brewed beverages have enabled us to provide our customers with premium products and consistent quality throughout the years, thus becoming the supplier of choice for millions of consumers.

Although its core activities revolve around tea and coffee trading, Cofftea has expanded its business scope to include other commodities such as sugar and oil, among others.


To attain and maintain complete customer satisfaction, quality products, accessibility, and overall convenience.

Cofftea strives everyday to understand the origins of the products it offers, with the use of the latest technologies and by leveraging the expertise of our highly skilled workforce. With that in mind, we are constantly developing new products and packaging solutions that demonstrate our lifelong commitment to meeting our customers’ growing needs.


To be the finest tea and coffee packer as well as distributor not only in Kenya and Sudan, but across the globe.

By creating and promoting great-tastings and organic beverages, we aim to grow our business with the same honesty and sustainability we use to craft the best products.



Cofftea Established


Launch of our signature TeaAlGHAZALTEN


Opening of factory in Sudan


Opening of factory in Kenya


Opening state-of-the-art factory in Bahri


Launch of our signature Coffee ALFUNJAL, and NABTA Sugar


ISO certified (ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and ISO 9001 quality management system)


Opening of Oil Refinery


Mr. Mohamed Salih Idris – Chairman
Mr. Mohamed Salih Idris


Mr. Siddig Mohamed Salih Idris


Mr. Khalid Mohamed Salih Idris


Mr. Mohamed Mohamed Salih Idris – Board Member
Mr. Mohamed Mohamed Salih Idris



Sq.Meter Factory
6000 +


Over the years Cofftea has experienced continuous growth and expansion in its scale of operations which now include:



With the help of our logistics team, warehousing facilities, and distribution network, we are able to source the best raw materials available in addition to manufacturing and distributing our high-quality products which we work hard to keep in peak condition until they reach their final destinations.

This commitment to quality is evident across every stage of our supply chain. But achieving this wouldn’t have been possible without building a solid relationship with our suppliers and partners which is key to a successful and effective supply chain.

By building and maintaining such relationships, we aim to add and deliver best value, drive innovation, and promote sustainability.


At Cofftea we are committed to sustainably sourcing our raw materials on a large scale while promoting sustainability practices. It is our goal to incorporate this concept in all our operations and everything we do by being beneficial to the environment and the communities in which we operate.

90% of the plantations we source our tea from have achieved ISO 22000:2005 certification (green leaf reception, processing, packing and dispatch of black CTC tea).

Our fair trade tea is also Rain Forest Alliance certified, ensuring production of tea is compliant with sustainability requirements.


coffee packing

Cofftea operates two modern factories for the manufacturing as well as packing of Tea and Coffee in Kenya and Sudan.

The state-of-the-art, and ISO certified (ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and ISO 9001 Quality management system) factories are equipped with the latest machinery and equipment imported from Europe, Turkey, and India. These include testing laboratory equipment as well as fully automated blending and packing machines. Most importantly, Cofftea implements and adheres to the highest hygiene and working standards in its operations, not only to ensure the safety of its products, but also a safe, clean, and healthy working environment for our workers. The premises of both encompass all departments, thus making them operate more effectively and efficiently.

The factories also pack the finest blends of CTC Tea using the highest standards of tea packing, both as Loose Tea Packs and Tea Bags.

As for the manufacturing and packing of coffee, the roasting and grinding processes are fully automated and controlled remotely by a computerized system.

All 3 processes are done using cutting-edge Turkish rosters, grinders and packers.

Our Quality assurance and Quality Control specialists ensure that every batch is tested, allowing us to control the quality and safety of our products.


Gazaltain tin

At Cofftea, we understand people have different taste preferences, which is why we are constantly coming up with not only new products, but also packaging solutions, as our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction in regard to quality and convenience. Moreover, Cofftea is  always looking to provide consumers with the products they need, and thus expanding the range of its offerings by bringing new products to the market.