Loose Tea

For all loose tea lovers, Cofftea offers a collection of 7 black tea products
available in loose format. Sourced from Kenya’s lush tea plantations, our
variety of unique loose tea blends cater to the varied palates of our
customers and suits different preparation methods. Our loose tea packages
vary in size and weight ranging from 6 grams to 900 grams.

Gazaltain tin

Alghazalten Black Tea

Made with the finest selection of leaves, this exquisite and full-flavour tea is Cofftea's signature brand.
(450g, 225g, 100g and 30g)


This is another premier Cofftea brand in the category of good F1s, fannings.
(100g and 30g)

Razaz Tea


This tea is in the category of medium fannings.
(450g and 100g)

Al Kafatera Loose Tea

Al Kafatera

This is a brand that is composed of good fannings with few PFs. (100g and 30g)


This is in the category of Medium BP1s.
( 450g, 100g, 30g and 7g)

Algotia Tea


This is in the category of medium PF1s.
(100g and 30g)


This is our top brand in the category of PF1.
(100g and 30g)