Packed with impeccable flavour, our tea bags are precisely pre-measured to
deliver the perfect cup of tea every single time. The fully automated tea
bagging process ensures the first hands to touch our teabags will be yours.
Our tea bags range includes classic black tea, flavoured tea (cinnamon,
cardamom, and mint), green tea, and hibiscus.

(25 teabags in each packet)

Al Gazaltain Teabags

Alghazalten Tea

Made with the finest selection of leaves, this exquisite and full-flavour tea is Cofftea's signature brand.
(A vailbale in 25 and 100 teabag packets)

Green Tea

Directly from China's lush tea regions, the unprocessed and unfermented tea delivers a smooth flavour to your hot brew.

Mint Green Tea

Our flavoursome green tea blended together with refreshing mint.


Watch this tea work its magic as it turns into a stunning crimson colour. Made with the best calyces of Roselle flowers, this tangy tea makes an irresistible hot, or even cold, drink.

Mint flavored

Enjoy the delicate flavour of mint that peeks through our premium black tea.

Cardamom flavored

This aromatic and delightful blend of our black tea perfumed with cardamom, makes a heavenly cup of tea.

Cinnamon flavored

The earthy, warm, spicy, and sweet flavour of this tea blend will leave your asking for seconds, maybe even thirds.